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Selecting a Viewpoint
Click the VIEW button on the horizontal toolbar, or you can use the page down and page up keys, or right-click to access the pop-up menu and select a viewpoint from the list of views.

Walking Around

Select the FLY and the PLAN buttons if they are not already selected. Place the mouse pointer over any empty space in the scene that is not a link (the pointer doesn't turn into a hand). Press and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the mouse in the direction you want to go. The distance you drag the mouse determines the speed of your movement. You can go faster by pressing SHIFT, CTRL, or SHIFT + CTRL keys. You can tilt the camera up or down by holding down the SPACEBAR while moving the mouse forward or backwards. Hold down the ALT key and move the mouse left or right to slide in that direction.

If you get lost you can use the RESTORE button to return to your starting point.


You can also use the ALIGN button to restore the camera to its default angle of tilt.


Navigating with the Keyboard
You can also control the camera using the keyboard. You have to make the 3d window active before you can use these commands, ie. click in the window somewhere.

Arrow Up move forward
Arrow Down move back
Arrow Right turn right
Arrow Left turn left
8 on the numeric keypad move closer
2 on the numeric keypad move away
6 on the numeric keypad move right
4 on the numeric keypad move left
7 on the numeric keypad tilt down
9 on the numeric keypad tilt up
3 on the numeric keypad tilt right
1 on the numeric keypad tilt left
Page Down go to the next viewpoint
Page Up go to the previous viewpoint
Pressing SHIFT, CTRL or SHIFT+ CTRL and one of the movement keys at the same time will make you go faster

Getting More Help
On either the horizontal or vertical grey toolbar, click the right mouse button, select HELP > USER'S GUIDE for further assistance.