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2002 AIA Savannah 2002 Honor Award: Citation of Excellence -- awarded by the Savannah chapter of the American Institute of Architects in December 2002 "to the Virtual Historic Savannah Project -- Robin B. Williams, SCAD Project Director, Greg Johnson, SCAD Coordinator of Technical Development, and Léon Robichaud, Université de Sherbrooke, Database Supervisor: for the development of the on-line research project documenting the physical and social evolution of Savannah's Historic District". http://www.aiasavannah.com/awards/honorhome.htm

National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Preservation and Access, Implementation Grant ($150,000), June 2002-May 2004


National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Public Programs, Special Projects Planning Grant ($50,280), May 2000-November 2001

Georgia Humanities Council, Public Programs Grant ($9,766), March 2000-November 2001

  • Former NEH Chairman, William Ferriss, made specific reference to the project in his testimony before the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing in Congress on April 4, 2001. The project was one of only two specific projects out of hundreds funded by the NEH to be given special note by Ferriss:

This past year we awarded a grant to the Savannah College of Art and Design to support `Virtual Historic Savannah.’ This project will use digital technology to document Savannah's historic district through a website that will allow visitors to travel through a "virtual" Savannah in any given year--from the city's founding to the present and to access topics such as slavery, the military, religion, and maritime history. We view this project as a national model and hope to see similar initiatives in other cities around the nation.

  • "In the Savannah manner," Preservation, Jan./Feb. 1999, p.85.

In an article summarizing the 52nd National Preservation Conference held in Savannah, the author wrote:

The art-and-economics agenda was complemented by technology. Poised at the cutting edge, SCAD architectural history professor Robin Williams explained the Virtual Historic Savannah Project, which analyzes urban form by using computer animation to navigate through space and time. Williams `flew' his audience through and above the streets surrounding Madison Square, which is serving as the test case for Savannah-wide coverage. The fantasy stood in engaging contrast to the routine practice of trading notes on practical matters at education sessions and entertainments, on tours, or strolling between events.

  • Kathy Kurosman, "Syllabus99 Conference Report," July 1999.

Kathleen Kurosman, the Educational Technology Librarian at the Vasser College Libraries, commented in her report that the Virtual Historic Savannah Project was one of "two especially interesting presentations of virtual reality projects" that she saw. 


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